KISS (Keep It Super Simple)

  • Which Stock should I Buy ?
  • Which Mutual Fund Scheme should I Buy ?
  • Which Children’s Plan should I Buy ?
  • Which Pension Plan should I Buy ?
  • These are the Common Questions mostly asked by people, now
  • what actually are the right Answers for these Questions ?

Lets try to have a look at the above Questions from a different point of view,
Don’t you feel these Questions are same like some one asking ‘Which Vehicle should I Buy ?’

Now what can be a right answer for the same ? What will you suggest ? or will you need some more information to answer this question ?

I feel you need some more information like,
Why he needs a Vehicle, for his daily commute to Work or Weekend Travel with Family ?
How many Average Kms he is expected to Travel Daily / Monthly
What is his Budget
Now at least you can workout something based on this additional information.

In the same way additional Information is required
Why you need to Buy Stock, Mutual Fund Scheme, Children’s Plan, Pension Plan ?
How much Amount you need to Accumulate and by when ?
How much you can save every Month / Year for Accumulating the respective Amount ?
Once you have this additional information you can workout what Product to select which will help you to Accumulate the required Amount in the respective Time in a Optimum way.

  • So just KISS, Keep It Super Simple.

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