Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Whenever we are planning, having an holistic view is very important, taking all things into consideration such as our past experiences and the future expectations with action to be taken in present is required, also our money is interlinked with all the transactions we do, focusing only in one area may lead to deficit in other.

The most important thing to simplify things would be to understand the following

  • What would be the realistic cost of your Financial Goals in future ?
  • How much should you save regularly and for how long ?
  • Where to invest the regularly saved money as per your goals ?

What Client's Should Expect

  • Unbiased Advise on your Financial Situation
  • Complete Conflict free Advise as No Commissions or Percentage of AUM involved
  • Know your Exact Current Financial situation by Reviewing Cash Flow and Net worth Statement
  • Evaluation of your Financial Goals (viz. Retirement, Child’s Education, Marriage, etc.)
  • Know your Financial Goals Affordability and Prioritize the same
  • Know and Understand where and how much you should be Investing as per Risk Profile and Risk Tolerance for the respective Goals
  • Review of your Existing Investments
  • Evaluation of your current Life and Non Life Insurance policies
  • Know One year Action Plan for your Financial Transaction

What Client's Should Not Expect

  • Stock Buying Tips
  • Trading Calls
  • Filing of ITR’s
  • Get Rich Soon Schemes
  • High Returns providing Mutual Funds

Cost Implication

The cost totally depends on the service required by you as the need differs from Person to Person and Family to Family. At present the cost ranges between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 (inclusive of everything)

Clients are happy to pay fees for unbiased advise as they believe that the value received for this approach is much more than the onetime fee they have paid.

You are sure that you will not get into wrong products and suffer from hidden fees and commissions, the decisions taken by you will be completely after due diligence. You get completed personalized advice tailored for your life.

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